Route of willow grouse
(5/10/15 km)

You can choose from three different routes: 5 km, 10 km or 15 km.


After arriving to the husky farm the guide gives you basic instructions for mushing (driving the husky sledge). After the briefing we can start our tour with speedy huskies. Everyone over 16 years old has the chance to mush his own team. For safety purposes children will stay comfortably in the sledge where they can just lay back and enjoy the nature.

After the tour in the woods, we come back to the husky farm and drink hot berry juice by the camp fire in Lappish teepee (called kota in Finnish). We also get a tour around the farm and learn about the life of huskies. Last but not the least we will have change to stroke and hold gorgeous husky puppies and of course take heaps of pictures.