Two days huskysafari

Come and experience the adventure of a lifetime and the beauty of the Lappish nature on our overnight husky safaris. The safaris start from our farm located in the Northwest Lapland, close to the Pallas-Ylläs National park, 70 km Northwest from Kittilä airport.

Enjoy the amazing nature and the clean fresh air of Fell Lapland with the cute and charming huskies. During the safari you will stay overnight in cozy wilderness cabins. The daily distance you will cover is about 25-50 km, depending on the weather conditions. The luggage will be transported in your own husky sledge. You take care of your dogs during the safari and help the guide in heating the sauna and preparing the meals.

Description of 2 day safari.

Day 1

In the morning before we start our tour, we pack the sledges, prepare the husky teams and learn the basics about driving with a dog sledge. On the safari we drive through the most splendid fell and lake sceneries, where each can enjoy truly by himself in peaceful and pure Lappish nature. On our first safari day we have a lunch break on open fire.

Late afternoon we arrive to the wilderness cabin, where we are going to stay overnight. First we take care of the dogs, get them unharnessed, feed them and find a nice place for them to relax after a full day of running. At the cabin there are lots to do with carrying the fire woods, making the fire and heating the sauna .

Guide makes something delicious, Lappish specialties for dinner. After an active day outside, the dinner in the warm cabin is most welcome for all of us! In the evening, after the sauna, it is very nice to calm down and make a little walk outside looking at the sky.

If you are lucky, you can see the northern lights in all the possible colors. Have you ever realized how many stars there actually are in the sky?!

Day 2

Next morning we have a nice breakfast and clean the cabin. After we have packed our sledges again, we make the teams ready and start our tour back home. Before we are back at the husky farm, we have time for several stops for taking photos and just enjoying the nature.

Back at the husky farm we can have a little coffee break before going back to the hotel.

On this two days trip we drive about 80 kilometers in total. This is the dream come true safari for those who appreciate the pure and peaceful nature of Lapland.