Wild Motion Siberian Huskies

The founder of our Wild Motion kennel was a guy who loved dogs and had a passion for husky safaris. He bought his very first dogs in 1998 and in 2001 the farm’s first litter with Polar Speed Galina and Majakan Ozek was born. These two dogs had three beautiful puppies, Amanda, Arttu and Aatu, who all had their special place in the husky teams. After these first dogs the farm got bigger and bigger. In January 2016 Lapland Safaris became the owner of Wild Motion.

Husky safaris since 2000

The proper safari activities started few years later in 2000 with 12 dogs. The farm got bigger and bigger and in 2009 we had 120 dogs. Today we have about 150 dogs including adults and puppies with various ages. About 100 of our dogs are running on our tours. Puppies, different ages, are always around as we have at least one litter per year, sometimes even three or four.

For us the most important thing is the well being of our dogs. They are all looked after by the staff that truly care about these little friends. In return the dogs are very friendly, enjoy running, love people and are easy to handle even for a stranger. As they are used to be around people in the longer tours everybody can harness their own team. And yes, they all do have a names! And yes, our guides do remember them.


For the husky farm summer is the time for relaxation as the warm months are too hot for these winter loving dogs. After the hottest part of the summer is over the training period for dogs slowly kick off. These dogs love running and are eager to start the “work” after the well earned break. Autumn training is done mainly by quad bikes. Little by little dogs fitness improves and beginning of the season they are ready to greet customers again.

At the moment we do not have summer program and our dogs are enjoying their well earned summer holiday.

Interested in working or volunteering?

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Wild Motion

You can send your greetings, ask about the safaris or give feedback by email to info@nullwildmotion.fi